Peter Green Sails -- Craftsman Sailmaker

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Craftsman Sailmaker, Peter Green Sails, located in Frankston at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula.

Since 1971 Peter Green Sails have been manufacturing, repairing and reshaping sails for all types of yachts.

Custom made sails is one of the services, custom made sails for Off the Beach classes, Trailer Sailors, and Keel boats.

Some of the other services provided are:

  • Boat and Sail Covers
  • Custom made Weather Protection and Industrial Covers
  • Sail repairs
  • Sail alterations

Over the years software and computers have developed to the point where all sails are designed and manufactured in-house, Peter Green Sails offers this service to their clients.

Peter Green Sails are professional sailmakers utilizing the latest equipment to provide high class sails in a fast turnaround time.

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