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By becoming a member and supporting the Association you will help to enable more Noelex related events to be held Australia wide for your enjoyment as well as increase the opportunity for you to mix with other Noelex owners as a like-minded group. This will maintain and foster the popularity of these yachts and add to the recognition of these yachts as the great cruising and racing vessels they are.
As a bonus, by maintaining their popularity and by supporting the yacht as a class, they will remain a highly desirable yacht to own, keeping their resale value high.Click here to download a form to apply for membership of the Association. Or you can ring Andrew on 0418-341-443.Alternatively we can offer the form below for you to fill out on line. It is much more convenient to apply for membership this way.

The form will be sent by email to Andrew, the Association president, who will respond with further information on the methods available for the payment of the necessary fees which are:

  • Membership of the Association – $60 per year.

You do not need own a Noelex to become a member, you can still apply to become an associate member. Just fill out the owners details section and make a note in the comment area that you are applying for associate membership.

You will need to click on the acceptance check box to say you have read the Statement of Purposes & Rules of Incorporation of the Association. You can read them here.

After completing the form, just click on the ‘Send’ button on the bottom of the form. If all is well, you will see a confirmation message on the bottom of the page saying your application was sent successfully.


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Can we include your name, boat details, e-mail address, mobile number, state and suburb/town in the password protected boat list on the Association's website,

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