Looking around the Noelex website there’s some good articles on how to make your Noelex more comfortable but very little if any on how to make her sail faster.

From my experience in dinghy classes an exchange of ideas and especially how the top skippers set up and sail their boats makes for a dynamic healthy class (as well as for even closer racing). There are some very good sailors including sailmakers at the front of our fleet and whilest they may not feel that they have much to share I’m sure a new owner or someone pottering at the back of the fleet would love to hear their thoughts on setting up the boat for say different weather conditions, mast rake, rig tension, sail shape,etc

Some years ago Gil published an article on tuning the Noelex which hopefully he can republish. Perhaps this could be a good starting point for a discussion.


David (Halcyon)


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  • Gil

    I have republished the piece that I cobbled together about ten years ago for the old website. It has been revamped and you can view it >>here< <. Any additions/corrections or deeper insight greatly appreciated.