Trailer rims query

Andrew Mayers

I was wondering if you know a bit about offset rims for the trailers for Noelex 25’s. I am just doing some work on my trailer and need to replace a couple of the rims which have corroded a bit more than I would like and when trying to replace them we […]

Keel keeper plate and bolts query

From: Rob Lawler <>

Message Body: I have owned my Noelex 25 since 1996 (840) . I am a former member of the association. I am looking for the metal keeper plate (and four bolts) that is attached to the hull where the keel exits. Can anyone out there help.

Boom block

From: Andrew Passmore <>

Can someone help me with where to obtain new end block for boom mine has split,not sure where to go for replacement. Thank you. I am a member. Noelex 25 Touch the wild.