The fridge/cooler on a Noelex 25

Being a new owner, I do not know what to expect from the Fridge., Up to now it has been disappointing and runs continually, Keeps things cool but it appears not cold enough. With continuious running it would soon drain the batteries. I have let it run continually with highest setting on the thermostat but still no freezing. The sealed unit, a Coolmatic Waco, runs quietly as I would expect.

 Question: Can I expect it to freeze things.( namely those freezer blocks or Keep  meat frozen ) I understood that it would.

Cheers to all and good sailing

Barry NX794

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  • Gil

    It is difficult to answer your query without more detail. In general terms, items in a separate freezer compartment should freeze. Is your cabinet the aft end of the standard roll-out bin? If so you should not expect good performance from the unit as the insulation is just not up to it. Efficient fridges have at least 70mm of insulation, you are not going to get that with most installations. But the Noelex cool box is particularly bad having only thins sheets of insulation rattling around in the sides. And your fridge should cycle on and off to keep the insides at the set temperature. Not doing so is a sure sign of something wrong.

    Fridges use a lot of energy. Just as a ‘ball-park’ calculation; most small fridges power consumption averages (24/7) around 20 watts, maybe 15 watts for a small fridge in a cool environment. A fully charged 110 amp hour battery has 1300 watt hours of energy stored. To extend the life of your battery, you should only use half of this before a recharge so you can see you will get just 30 to 40 hours running on this battery before you should recharge.

    Because the fridge’s energy requirement is so dominant, I fitted one of these units to my camper fridge (I don’t have a fridge on the boat). It keeps track of the energy used by the fridge so you can keep your batteries in good shape.

    Of course, stock your fridge initially with frozen and as-cold-as-possible food and drinks. Especially deep frozen cold-packs if you have room. Even freeze the beer if you dare! It’s like having the energy of another battery on board!