TT Jan-Feb 2012

Jan-Feb 2012

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The fridge/cooler on a Noelex 25

Being a new owner, I do not know what to expect from the Fridge., Up to now it has been disappointing and runs continually, Keeps things cool but it appears not cold enough. With continuious running it would soon drain the batteries. I have let it run continually with highest setting on the thermostat but […]

Turn your laptop into a chart-plotter/navigator

To guide you into that anchorage tucked away in a bay or harbour, to find that channel or river entrance, or to locate that red-hot fishing spot all you need is a low cost hand-held GPS unit such as a Garmin Etrex. These can be had for well under $100 if you look online. […]

Geelong – Festival of Sails 2012

We are trying to drum up some interest in the Noelex 30’s for the 2012 Geelong Festival of Sail Regatta on Australia Day Weekend. So far we have 3. Trevor Brown in Flaurier Warrier, Eric Clark in Delta Lady and Mark Holter in Silver Cloud. If we have enough entries, Geelong will give us our […]

For sale N25 `Two Way Street’ #1000

The boat: NX 1000, ‘Two Way Street’, built by Noelex Yachts Australia P/L, South Australia, 1990. White hull and deck with Light Blue stripe. Internal lining to gunwale. Hull anti-fouled October 2010. New front hatch.

Sails and Rigging: Includes: main and self-tacking jib (Thomson Sails 2009), 3 sets of earlier mains/jibs, 3 spinnakers various […]