Additional info. on cruising the Whitsundays

Great advice, thanks Alan for the update on some fantastic cruising grounds. The increase in traffic of on water craft in this region over the last 10 years is sad but unavoidable. It is necessary for the members of the Noelex and other groups to be informed and your article does that.
Not to take away from any of your information there is one place may be worth considering, the Seaforth Boating club on Victor Creek At Port Newry. For a small fee (last heard $35) your trailer and car is locked up with a live-in caretaker and you can be placed on their watch log while you are at sea.  
At last contact, the Seaforth Boating Club the live in caretaker was Ron Holland, Phone number 0749590816. Their call sign is VKQ815. I do not know what their hours are now but it was 7 days a week 0700 till 1700hours.
Stores are available at the Seaforth store. If yourself or any members require more infomation on this spot I will be happy to assist. The is additional information here for the islands off Port Newry.

The Goldsmith islands also are an undiscovered group and being just 16 NM (35km) to seaward of the Newries are a well guarded delight. Don’t tell them I told you about them!
Yours Barry new owner of NX794.

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