New generation anchors on “Sure Thing”

This is not an endorsement or recommendation for any anchor but represents a very limited experience in a specific location with specific tackle on a Noelex 25 trailer-sailer yacht.
Very happy with our upgrade to a Manson Supreme 15lb anchor following cruising in the Whitsundays through September & October 2011. It set immediately every time in various conditions; hard-packed sand, soft sand, mud and a mixture of sand/mud/broken coral. It could not grip where there was a deep layer of old accumulated broken coral which was not a good place to attempt to anchor anyway. The anchor sits on a bow roller extension and we use 5m x 8mm chain, (plus an additional 15m x 6mm chain for the Whitsundays) plus 40m x 13mm nylon rode.
A SARCA Super 9lb anchor with 3m of 8mm chain was used as a stern anchor when required and set well in all conditions except one. Turtle Bay on the south end of Whitsunday Island has a long sandy beach covered at high tide but expansive at low tide and the sand is gently sloping and packed quite hard with an even surface. Even in the best conditions there is a gentle swell coming into the bay and without a stern anchor Murphy’s Law states that the Noelex will settle side-on to the swell. Even in shallow water where the short length of chain could be observed to remain on the sand the anchor would slowly drag across the hard sand on its side without digging in. When the tip of the anchor was manually offered to the sand the anchor set quickly and held well. The Manson Supreme main anchor in the same conditions set immediately every time without manual intervention.
The clear water over sand at Turtle Bay together with typically 3m tides anchored in depths varying from 4m to 7m provided a good opportunity to swim down and observe the way the anchors were set and subsequently moved around. The Manson Supreme main anchor proved picture-perfect in its set, the extent of its movement from its original position and the way it slewed around.

3 comments to New generation anchors on “Sure Thing”

  • stevospain

    Thanks Alan. Was the Manson anchor easy to stow in the anchor compartment?

  • Alan

    Easy to stow in the anchor compartment but unfortunately the cover cannot be quite closed down with the amount of rode I carry. During extended cruising the anchor remains on the bow roller extension. On the road it goes in the compartment with the cover cushioned about 8cm open. About as easy to stow as was the 15lb plough.

  • stevospain

    Thanks Alan.. Happy sailing